Privacy Policy

This is the web site of Hamilton Park United Church of Christ, Lancaster, PA. Our Web server automatically keeps track of visits for statistical reasons. It does not specifically keep track of your private details (name, email, etc.). This tracking allows us to improve our web service and know how it is being utilized.

We are interested, however, in hearing about who you are in more detail! We invite you to use the “contact us” link to let us hear your concerns, questions, need for prayer, or simply to let us know who you are. We welcome feedback about our webpage also. We are always looking for ways we can improve our reach into the neighborhood and community.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us another way:

Phone: 717-397-9791,
Snail mail: 1210 Maple Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603

Any changes to our privacy and use of information practices will be reflected on this link in the future. If you feel that this site is not adhering to our privacy policy, please contact us immediately to let us know of this concern.