Show your Support

Because of support from people like you,
Hamilton Park United Church of Christ changes lives!

Here are some ways you can be a part
of the work of the church, its ministries and missions.

Time and Talent

Your Time and Talent are critical resources that are deeply valued.
If you have something you would like to volunteer for,
speak with Pastor Libby or contact the church.

Regular volunteer opportunities can be found
on our “Sending” page under the Ministries Tab.

Financial Support

Make one time or regular ongoing donations with your Credit or Debit Card.

You may designate automatic weekly, semi-monthly
or monthly donations to be transferred electronically.

You may request personal offering envelopes from the church
or use your own to place your contributions of cash or check. These can be snail-mailed, brought in during worship, or dropped off at the church during the week

Even those who aren’t members of the church can be a part of what is taking place here by showing their support and gratitude by making a one time gift or pledging a specific amount each week or month. To make a pledge, click here.

One Time Donations
Oftentimes, we receive one-time donations for a wide range of reasons.
Some make a donation in memory or in honor of someone and others give
in a way to thank the church for a special experience (such as a memory they’ve personally had because of the church). You can also give from accumulated assets
(e.g. stocks, bonds, property, insurance, cash).
Contact the church to learn more.

Retirement Account Required Minimum Distribution
If you have a retirement account from which you must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), consider contributing the distribution, or a portion of the distribution to the church. While a RMD is normally taxable, contributing the RMD to a qualified charitable organization, such as Hamilton Park UCC, would likely allow you to avoid the tax liability for some or all of the distribution. Talk with your tax advisor for guidance.

Remember the Church in Your Will
Bequest financial gifts to the church through your personal will.
Make the church a part of your estate planning by talking
with your lawyer, accountant, or a tax planner.