We believe God has uniquely gifted and called each of us to make a difference in the lives of others. Often referred to as “Outreach,” our Sending Ministry empowers and equips others to be able to bring God’s love and hope to the places and people where it is needed the most. The ability to reach out to those in need, whether it be local, national, or worldwide, is a huge part of what we are about as a church. Coordinated through our “ACT,” (Action Compassion Team), we have a team of volunteers who explore how best we can show the love of Christ in places of need and want.  As needs arise throughout the year, we seek to find a way to help in the best way we can and invite others to join in our efforts.

Following is a sample of the yearly, ongoing ways we engage in action and compassion locally and nationally. 

Food & Clothing Collection:
We collect clothing and food in baskets in our narthex. These get filled to overflowing each month and distributed locally.

Community Meals:
We prepare and serve meals to those in the city who are hungry on a regular basis.

One Great Hour of Sharing:
Supports disaster, refugee, and development activities. Click here to learn more.

Strengthen the Church:
As God calls us to inspire disciples, this fund supports planting new churches and implementing new ideas in existing churches. Click here to learn more.

The Christmas Fund:
This charity provides direct financial support to those who have served the church and are facing financial difficulties. Click here to learn more.

Our Church’s Wider Mission:
Benefits the full range of the Church’s mission across the country and around the globe. Click here to learn more.

Neighbors in Need:
This special mission supports ministries of justice and compassion. Click here to learn more.

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7 am (chapel)

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