Nestled in the heart of the vibrant community, Hamilton Park United Church of Christ offers a harmonious blend of music that truly hits all the right notes. Our choir is a delightful mix of individuals, a symphony of voices that includes both music maestros and those who are just “winging it” – proof that at Hamilton Park, everyone is welcome to sing their heart out, regardless of their musical background.

What makes our music truly special is its perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. You could say we’re all about harmonizing the old with the new – our services feature a medley of timeless hymns and spirited gospel numbers alongside contemporary melodies that even your grandma’s grandma would approve of!

And speaking of approval, various members of the choir have been known to drop a few “dad jokes” during rehearsals. At Hamilton Park United Church of Christ, the music isn’t just in the notes; it’s also in the laughter, the joy, and the harmony we create together every Sunday. Come join our choir, and let’s make music and memories that resonate for a lifetime! Contact for more information.

9:30 am (sanctuary)
Online: Live or Recording

Wednesday Prayer
7 am (chapel)

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