Libby Nocheck

Pastor Libby has served Hamilton Park Church since February, 2017. She yearns to find ways to reach out to others with the same nurturing love which she has been gifted throughout her life. Together, we try to find creative ways to engage with all people in a way that allows us to meet others where they are and gently walk with them in the love of Christ in a way that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

Her husband, Lee, teaches math at Reynold’s Middle School and is also active in various aspects of the church’s ministry. Their children are now grown, having graduated from McCaskey High School and various colleges across the state. Lee and Libby welcomed their first grandchild into their family in 2014. They also have fur babies: one dog and one cat and a few Koi fish in an outdoor pond.

Libby’s able to recharge by spending time with her family and friends and by getting outside in God’s beautiful world. Her favorite activities include tending to her gardens, relaxing by her pond, swimming, hiking in local parks or traveling.

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