Francois Byers

Francois Byers

Music Director

Francois Byers serves as the Music Director at Hamilton Park United Church of Christ, where his passion for music and devotion to worshiping through song shine brightly. With a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, minor in Philosophy and concentration in Piano from Berea College, Francois brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, fostering a spirit of harmony, creativity, and praise within the congregation.

Francois’ journey in music began at a young age, and has since dedicated his life to sharing the transformative power of music with others. His deep love for all music and its forms is evident in the diverse repertoire he selects for worship services, creating an atmosphere of spiritual connection and reflection.

Outside of his role at the church, Francois is a piano teacher, wedding pianist, film composer, and keyboardist in a band. He can often be found exploring new musical compositions, attending concerts, and collaborating with local musicians to create meaningful and inspiring performances. His dedication to his craft extends beyond the church walls, as he seeks to foster a sense of community and spiritual growth through sound and music.

In his spare time Francois enjoys poker, basketball, and mixed martial arts. He is one of nine siblings, and lives with his beautiful wife Alexa and their dog Peanut.

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