Every Seat has a story and we’re Saving a Seat for You!

We don’t care how you’re dressed, how many tattoos you have, or what candidate you voted for. We’re a group of diverse people, each with a special story of our own and we are saving a seat for you!

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Who is invited to visit?

Anybody! We’re a church where Moms, Dads, grandparents, step-families, couples, singles and children of every age will find welcome and discover that they are a part of a much larger family: the family of Christ we have here at HPUCC.

Where do I park when coming to your church?

Parking is available in front of our church on the street as well as on one of two paved parking lots (one located across the street from the municipal building and another directly behind our building off the alley).

How do I find my way around?
During the week, the main door, by the accessibility ramp, has a doorbell beside it. From there, the person who answers the door can guide you. On days we hold a worship service in our worship center/sanctuary, the large doors by the steps with the pillars that face Maple Avenue will be unlocked. Upon entering, you will be greeted by an usher who will hand you a bulletin and invite you to find a seat in our sanctuary. For those who need better access, our main door by the accessibility ramp will also be open. To find the sanctuary from there, go through the vestibule, through the second doorway and turn right by the bathrooms to go down the hallway and enter the sanctuary from there.
Where are the restrooms?

Perhaps you agree that this is the most important information we can provide. We have several bathrooms located throughout the building. The bathrooms closest to our sanctuary are outside the side door, down the hall on the right. One bathroom at that location is a family friendly restroom (anyone can use it) with a diaper table (this bathroom is intentionally laid out to make it ADA friendly as well). Another bathroom is located directly below our sanctuary (through the narthex, down the steps to the right).

What is the Sunday morning worship service like?

Ushers are available throughout the service towards the back of the sanctuary to answer any questions or provide information you might need. There are pew cushions available to help make your experience as comfortable as possible. When you enter the sanctuary, sit wherever you like – there are no assigned seats here! The bulletin, which lists the order of the worship service, should be pretty easy to follow. But don’t worry if you have questions, those gathered around you in the pews (as well as the ushers) welcome the opportunity to help. If there is something that you aren’t comfortable participating in during the service, that is fine, we welcome everyone as they are and individuality is encouraged.

How does Hamilton Park UCC celebrate Holy Communion?

We celebrate communion on the second Sunday of the month typically and on special occasions. Everyone is welcome to take part in communion – members, non-members, adults, and children whose parents feel they are ready. But if someone doesn’t feel comfortable taking part, that’s fine too. 

There are diverse ways in which we serve communion, each with its own significance. We might pass trays among the pews and then all partake at once (in recognition of our unity with one another and with Christ). We also might invite everyone to the front and center to receive the center individually from the pastor and then receive the wine/juice (currently in individual cups) from a lay leader. Lastly, we might have the congregation approach the railing at the front of the sanctuary and either kneel or stand as melody invites meditation as we receive the elements. (These last two ways of serving prayerfully make room for the experience of a personal connection with Christ at the table). Though we have done so before, we are not currently offering communion by intinction (dipping the bread in the common cup).  

During the service, we attempt to communicate clearly about what to expect and how to receive, but we also welcome questions to our worship leaders and ushers if you are unsure.

The bread that is served for communion is gluten free and there is always a choice between wine (that which is a darker color) and white grape juice.

What is available for children?

Nursery service is available during worship following a children’s message. During nursery, various age appropriate activities are provided to enhance your child’s faith experience.  The nursery is located through our main entrance door (by the accessible ramp) to the left and down the hall.

We have a week day preschool that encourages the growth and development of children aged two through pre-kindergarten.

Other activities for children are offered throughout the year, including a children’s choir.

For more information about children’s ministry can be found here.

Are there activities and events for my entire family?

We have many activities and events where the entire family can experience being a church together throughout the year. Check out our calendar page to learn more.

Are there worship services for special occasions?

Throughout the year, there are other special services that we announce ahead of time: these are held in various places and at various times depending upon the purpose of the service. See our calendar or our Special events to learn more

Do I need to be a member to participate in church activities?

No. You may participate in the life of this faith community without becoming a formal member. Nevertheless, most of us find that our experience becomes deeper and richer for having made the commitment of membership.

What if I have no desire to be a long term part of the church, but want to participate in something at HPUCC?

When we say all are welcome, we mean it. Come with your questions, doubts, beliefs, traditions, all of you. Spend a day, a week, a month or a lifetime (or anywhere in between). We are better for spending time with you for as long as you would like.

What if I have more questions?

There are ushers during every service that are available to answer any questions, or you may contact the church office at 717-397-9791 or admin@hpucc.org or use the contact us section (link) to ask anything you would like to know.

I want to make HPUCC my home church, what happens next?

This touches our hearts and we are blessed to know you want to move further into the life of this church. If you find that you want to go more deeply into the life of the congregation, you are welcome to join us wherever you want to “plug” in. We are more than a location or a building, we gather here to gain a sense of belonging to something much bigger than we could ever be alone. We seek to live as the Body of Christ; loving and serving and growing; and we welcome the opportunity to partner with you as fully as you would like.

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